Annual Appeal

We are asking you, our 
visionary donors, to help 
keep our doors open and advance our mission.

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The Current is YOUR center for contemporary art—accent on the possessive pronoun. We’re about art for your sake.


You, the big-hearted people of this community—from the encouraging parents of the children we teach to the talented artists who run our adult classes. You, the school teachers who bring your students to see our major shows, and you, the out-of-town visitors who leave a comment to say art left its mark.


And of course, you beautiful creators from all across the art world whose work we proudly display.  


And especially you, our loyal members and beneficent patrons, who give back to art in gratitude for what art is giving you.


Because of you, we serve as a public platform for conversation, inspiration, and civic engagement. The exhibitions you fund make us not only regionally relevant but nationally recognized.


Because of you, we’ve made significant capital improvements:    

  • a fully operational ceramics studio and a flat glass studio—you should see the kids’ monster mugs, grownups throwing their first pots, and the magic of glass; 

  • LED gallery lighting that brightly illuminates our exhibits without damaging the art (gentler impact on the environment, too); 

  • a small printmaking press (until we raise enough for the full size);

  • a reopened Art Lounge, a place anyone can come for a cup of coffee, look through our art books, explore our gift shop, or learn more about the exhibitions. Bring your kids.     


Because of you, we gave away over $20,000 in scholarship aid this year to support art lessons for 25% of our students.


The difference you make through your giving transforms us—not only the art center but the community as well.

But there’s so much work ahead of us, work we can only do with your help and your gift. Yes, it really is all up to YOU.


With gratitude and high hopes,


Rachel Moore, Executive Director

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All gifts of $40 and up come with a membership to The Current.

Gifts of $250 and up include a free hand-painted tote bag.

“I really appreciated the sliding scale fee model. Without this, my daughter would not have had the opportunity to access these wonderful, enriching art classes at The Current.”