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2023 Adult + Teen Summer Programming

Welcome to 2023 Summer Adult + Teen Art Programming at The Current! We're thrilled to launch our new Art in the Outdoors summer series of workshops which guide students from the field to the studio as they explore the natural wonders of Stowe and learn to work with a range of artistic mediums, including clay, glass, photography, and watercolors. To complement the Art in the Outdoors series, we're also delighted to offer studio-based classes in popular techniques such as handbuilding, printmaking, and painting.

Sliding Scale Fee Model for 2023 Classes

We are offering a variety of participation levels and additional scholarships, helping community members make art a priority during this challenging year.

Art in the Outdoors Summer Series

Our Art in the Outdoors series invites participants to spend their summer days immersed in the arts while exploring Stowe’s natural and urban landscape. Rediscover your creative self through this contemplative and diverse series of workshops. Please note that workshops scheduled from 10am to 3pm include an hour-long lunch break from 12-1pm. 

In-Studio Summer Series
Instructor Bios:
Andrea Aimi is a painter and art educator from NYC. She has spent years teaching students of all ages about the importance of line and how to trust your instinct about mark making. Her newest series is a body of work entitled 5x7. Paintings in this series are completed with watercolor and gouache and with a spatial unity that resembles patterns and colors found in natural landscapes. The geometric lines are laid down as horizons and often have a multitude of layers that can be seen through the washes due to the rigidity of the cold press paper being used. These little paintings are vivid in color with overlapping lines that show the viewer how horizons can have two views; lines seen horizontally, from a distance, or topographically, looking down upon the patterns of land mass.

Brandy Boden is a graduate of Syracuse University with a MFA in Studio Arts working primarily in photographic and print based media. Her experience includes teaching in the fields of outdoor education, arts education, and community-based arts, which has encompassed both national and international projects and exhibitions. She previously earned her M.S. at the State University of New York, Cortland in Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies where she worked for over a decade as an Adjunct Lecturer. Brandy recently returned from Ireland where she was a Fulbright Fellow with the Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane. As part of her grant she conducted an expressive arts education curatorial project to strengthen the relationship between the Gallery and communities within Dublin. 

Charon Henning grew up in the DC Metro Area and spent many formative hours at the Smithsonian Institute, in museums and in summer art courses. The intersection of nature, science, and travel was where she found her primary interests and the direction for her art. Charon freelanced as a muralist and ‘zine artist through high school and while attending Price George’s Community College, where she received her Associate's Degree in Fine Art. She continued her education through the BIS degree program at George Mason University’s New Century College, creating a custom curriculum she titled “Multimedia Storytelling” and receiving the award for Most Creative Capstone project among the class of 2007 Individualized Studies graduates. In 2015 Charon created the position of Art Director and gathered a team of skilled artists together for Prof. Katie Hinde’s March Mammal Madness tournament, currently the largest online STEAM-related educational outreach event, which occurs annually. She completed her illustration internship at the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology to earn her Certificate in Scientific Illustration and soon followed up with her Educator’s Certificate through Nation Geographic. Charon has a working illustration studio in her home in rural Vermont which she shares with her partner and two very active studio cats.

Tabbatha Henry is a ceramic artist from Waterbury, Vermont. She took her first pottery class at Skidmore College with Regis Brodie and immediately knew she had to learn all she could. After participating in studio work-exchange situations in Vermont, New York, and Colorado, she decided to go back to school and received her MFA in ceramics from the School for American Crafts at RIT in 2004. After a residency at the Mendocino Arts Center in California, Tabbatha moved back to Vermont, where for 20 years she ran a small batch ceramic business designing, making, and distributing translucent porcelain lighting, home décor, and installation sculpture. She is currently taking a sabbatical from the business to focus more on making art and teaching. When she's not in the studio Tabbatha loves to hike with her dog Inca and is learning to play the guitar. Kind of.


Lynn Newcomb is a Vermont-based printmaker, and blacksmith/sculptor. She believes that etching is a medium capable of great nuance, with the ability to demonstrate the power and resonance of black ink. Her methods include traditional printmaking, where the plates evolve slowly and acquire histories – accidents, imperfections, traces where she has re-worked the image. Her interest lies in creating what one may call layered prints, prints in which the viewer has the sensation of looking into and through the blacks. Since 2013, she has also been making lithographs, looking to exploit the affinity she finds between lithographic tusche and liftground technique in etching. Recent artist residencies have included the Vermont Studio Center, Sculoa Grafica in Venice, and the Marpha Foundation in Nepal.

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