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Artist opportunities

The art center is driven by an ambitious curatorial vision shaped by the pursuit of meaning in contemporary art. Our programs consider how the arts can be a platform for activism, responding to contemporary issues facing artists and audiences, offering outlets for creative dialogue and critical examination of our social, cultural, and political moment. We strive to amplify underrepresented voices and urgent issues through our programs.


We work to ensure that our curatorial platform is responsive and flexible to artists. We are committed to supporting and serving diverse emergent careers, ideas, and projects, alongside unique, relevant opportunities for more internationally established and renowned artists. From commissions that generate new, original work; to exhibitions that reframe an artist’s practice; to experimental residencies, the art center strives to meet artists where their work demands it and to carve out a distinct position in our region’s artistic ecology.

General submissions

We welcome general submissions for review by our Visual Arts Curatorial Committee, which meets quarterly throughout the year.

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Emerging Artists Mentorship Program

We are now accepting submissions from emerging artists in Vermont. 

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