Emerging Artist Mentorship Program

Sponsored by the Vermont Arts Council.

"Grace" by Crystal Stokes. A black and white acrylic portrait of a woman's face. She is looking directly at the viewer..

We are now accepting submissions from emerging artists in Vermont. 

The Emerging Artist Mentorship Program aims to provide Vermont artists with meaningful professional development guidance to foster creative and career growth. The Program will help to connect emerging artists from Vermont with nationally recognized contemporary artists, local and visiting curators, art critics, and arts professionals. Such connections and introductions will be guided by our staff with a focus on building practical career skills and strategies. These diverse perspectives will expand artists' practices by offering valuable exposure at a critical time in their professional trajectories.

Grace  by Crystal Stokes

The Emerging Artist Mentorship Program is customized for each selected artist and may include: 

  • One hour conversation with the The Current’s Assistant Curator or Executive Director to determine the needs of the emerging artist.

  • One hour individual virtual or in-person studio visit with a visiting artist or curator from our galleries. 

  • One hour session with a professional arts writer with possible follow up to support resumé/curriculum vitae-building, artist statement, or biography.

  • One hour session of grant writing assistance from a professional grant writer to help a participant fund the next career phase. 

  • Guidance on choosing and approaching galleries, museums, or art centers.

  • A how-to in putting together proposals.

Artists in the Program will be selected by The Visual Arts Curatorial Committee through this open call application, to ensure a diversity of promising candidates who stand to benefit significantly from the program’s offerings. Artists may also be nominated by individual committee members for consideration by the committee.  The committee meets quarterly to review applications and upon review, applicants will be responded to in a timely manner as to whether or not they have been selected.

Chosen artists will need to commit to a set schedule and complete the mentorship within the designated time period. There will be a total of 4 mentorship/consultant hours provided and artists will be expected to complete any outside work in a timely manner (ie. research, writing, etc.) in order to make the most of the Emerging Artist Mentorship Program. 

All proposals must be submitted through our application form below.

  • Up to ten (10) digital files may be submitted for consideration

    • The digital files must be in JPEG format and resolution of 300 DPI with a maximum largest dimension of 10".

    • Links to your website are NOT acceptable in lieu of images unless the Internet is part of your practice.

  • For video work: submit up to three videos no longer than 3 minutes in length. Work will be  accepted via yousendit.com, link to a personal website, or Vimeo.

  • Written proposal including a description of your practice and what type of assistance would be helpful

  • Artwork description sheet

  • Artist Statement, if you have one, including full contact information: must include full name, email, phone,  address (PDF format only please)

  • Artist Resume, if you have one (PDF format only please)

Applicants needing assistance with their application are welcome to contact The Current for additional support at gallery@thecurrentnow.org or 802-253-8358

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