Lamoille Art & Justice Project

Summer/Fall 2021


The Lamoille Art & Justice Project, led by people of the global majority,* is a collaboration that merges public art, oral histories, podcasting, and literature to foster connection and community for PGM in Vermont across generations. Our goals are to bring awareness to the enduring inequities within our region, and activate systemic change through collaborative movement in diverse contexts: governing bodies, businesses, neighborhoods, communities, schools, and individuals. Utilizing the power of literature, oral histories, public murals, and podcasts by PGM, this project seeks to engage local artists, educators, students, allies, and organizations in advancing racial equity and justice in Lamoille County.

*We adopt the term “People of the Global Majority,” or PGM, as an alternative to BIPOC (1) to honor the fact that indigenous, brown, and black people make up the majority of the global population, (2) to decenter whiteness, and (3) to reject the “othering” or “minoritizing” of PGM in our language and communities.

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