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Source: Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers

January 18 - April 14, 2013

Opening Reception: January 18, 5-7pm

Swamp surrounded by ferns and trees

An exhibition of exquisite and creative fine furniture from over twenty Vermont craftspeople with a focus on the source of all elements that collaborate to make the final piece.

The exhibit maps the source of materials, the relationships between forester, mill and craftsperson, as well as the path that the artists took to become furniture makers - who influenced them, and where did they learn what they know?


George Ainley James Becker Richard Bissell Dave Boynton Tim Clark Kit Clark Doug Clarner Johns Congdon Erin Hanley Steve Holman David Hurwitz Bill Laberge Mario Messina Josh Metcalf Dan Morsheim Pete Novick Walt Stanley Cristina Pellechio Lisa Beach Clark Derbes Liz Kauffman Peter Fried


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