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Claire Desjardins

January 24 - March 2, 2014

Opening Reception: January 25, 5-7pm

Swamp surrounded by ferns and trees

Claire Desjardins' colorful abstract paintings in this exhibition are both vibrant and energetic, contemplative and still.

Desjardins provides architecture for ongoing personal narratives of daily life. Although the work stems from the personal and emotional, it responds to the human desire to organize chaos. Claire Desjardins' background as a graphic designer and the legacy of familial artists informs her considered, yet playful paintings. It is clear she has a great understanding of composition and color theory, allowing her to use these tools to break free from the constraints of marketing and technology in order to achieve the success of passionate and emotive painting. Claire Desjardins lives and works in Montreal, Canada. She has attended Vermont Studio Center and the Da Wang Culture Highland in China as artist-in-residence. Her work is represented by Muse Gallery in Toronto, Canada, and Galerie Lydia Monaro in Montreal, Canada. Her artwork can be found on Saatchi Online. The US retail chain, Urban Outfitters, sells her artwork under their Anthropologie banner in NY, Chicago, and Montreal, and reproduces her work on their merchandise under the Claire Desjardins signature label.


Claire Desjardins


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