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Ordinary Time

January 19 - April 14, 2018

Opening Reception: January 19, 5-7pm

Swamp surrounded by ferns and trees

This exhibition features the work of Maine-based painter Grace DeGennaro and the kinetic sculpture of Boston-based artist Anne Lilly. These artists elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary by working with engineering and geometry to create fluidity and beauty.

Ordinary Time refers to two periods in the liturgical year in the Catholic church that are not ordinary as one might imagine in the sense of common or uninteresting. Ordinary here comes from the Latin word ordinalis, which simply refers to the numbers in a series or how we might order something. Ordinary Time, the exhibition, refers to the ordering of nature and time, movement, man and machine based on patterns informed by geometry & mathematics, an ordering we don't necessarily see. 

Featuring the paintings of Maine-based painter Grace DeGennaro and kinetic sculpture of Boston-based artist Anne Lilly, Ordinary Time is an exhibition that reveals there is a structure at work, although one that perhaps is not as straightforward as one might like to believe. Both DeGennaro's and Lilly's work helps us become aware of negative spaces, the spaces in-between highlighting the layers upon layers of patterns, shapes and forms that are a result in the empty spaces. It is an exhibition in which the unseen becomes as important as the seen, where the counting of time is revealed not in a linear fashion but in multiple dimensions. Lilly's newest piece "To See" takes the investigation of this way of understanding out of the ethereal realm and applies it to the human experience, specifically to ego, to what we see as our own boundaries, of what defines us each as individuals and in the end finds, that perhaps what is unseen informs us even more so than the seen.


Anne Lilly

Grace DeGennaro


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