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This summer, we're introducing an exclusive series designed specifically for teens! Our Afternoon Workshop Series functions autonomously from our regular summer camp schedule, making it an ideal choice for teens seeking engaging art activities without the full-day commitment. Led by our skilled Teaching Artists, this series offers students the opportunity to explore advanced art techniques, receive guidance on portfolio development and college readiness, and experience a harmonious blend of structure and spontaneity in these innovative new classes.


In this advanced sculpture class, participants will embark on a sophisticated exploration of form, texture, and conceptual depth. Guided by an experienced Teaching Artist, students will delve into advanced techniques such as armature construction, mixed-media incorporation, and intricate detailing. The class aims to push the boundaries of traditional sculpture, encouraging participants to experiment with abstract concepts and refine their personal artistic voice. Whether working with clay, metal, or found materials, each participant will have the opportunity to bring their visionary sculptures to life. 


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Member Discount: Use your 2024 discount code at checkout to receive $25 off registration. The $25 Member Discount may be used once per year per membership. For Individual-level memberships, the discount may only be used towards the cost of tuition for the adult membership holder. For Family-level memberships and above, the discount may be used once per year towards tuition for one member of the household holding the membership.

Advanced Sculpture (Afternoon Camp)

  • June 24-28 


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