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Students in this class will journey through the history of collage and create their own fused glass collages. As they create dynamic and striking compositions of their own, students will trace the lineage of collage from Paris in 1912, to New York in the 1960s, to the seamless digital collages of contemporary artists such as Natasha Chomko and Estrungkoro Musa. In this class students support each other through discussion and peer feedback sessions as they develop their unique artistic voices and acquire the technical skills needed to make their own fused and slumped glass art.


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Cutting Edge Collage: Fused Glass

  • Tuesdays,  January 10 - February 14


    6 sessions

    Schedule includes 1/2 hour of guided staff transition time (3pm-3:30pm) and 2 hours of professional art instruction (3:30pm-5:30pm).

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