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January 20

Creative Reflections 

New Years perceptions through art and mindfulness

Medium: Acrylic painting and drawing


February 17

Transforming the Inner Critic

Medium: Watercolor and mixed media


March 10

Creative Patterns: Finding, exploring, and breaking patterns through art and mindfulness

Medium: Print-making and drawing


April 14

Roots and Branches: Inner and outer creativity inspired by trees

Medium: Ink and drawing


May 12

Remembering our creativity through drawing 

Through guided meditation, journaling, and drawing we will explore the theme of remembering our creativity. Throughout life we get cut off or separated from creative parts or aspects of ourselves through culturally accepted aspects of growing up. These separations form creative blocks, inner critics, and voids between us and our creative energy. Join us as we sip tea, make art, and relax into the moment, finding, remembering, and re-membering creative parts of ourselves long forgotten.


June 9

Blooming: Allowing your creativity to naturally emerge

Medium: Mixed media drawing


Meditate and Create

  • 5:30-8pm

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