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Using acrylic, gouache, and watercolor paints, participants in this class will learn additive and subtractive color mixing techniques through a series of painting exercises and targeted projects. An exploration of both the science and history of color theory, this comprehensive class will guide students through the use of color to create depth, shadow, and emotion in their paintings as well as leave them with a full understanding of the different types of paints, mediums, pigments, and tools they can use to create dynamic works. Focusing on core concepts such as color as a part of the visible light spectrum and the use of natural pigments and materials to create colored paint, this class will explore the paintings and theories of Mary Gartside, an early color theorist whose treatise on the use of color to create luminance, depth, and contrast provides insight into both the empirical reality of color and the human discernment between hues.


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Painting and Color Theory

  • Thursdays, November 2 -  December 14


    6 classes

    No class 11/23

    Makeup week in case of canceled classes: 12/16-12/22

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