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Summer Camp at The Current

1. Registration

Does The Current offer financial assistance, cancellations, or refunds?

Detailed information regarding our payment, financial assistance, cancellation, and refund policies can be found here.

How do I register my child for summer camps?

You can register for camp directly on our website or by contacting us at 802.253.8358. 

Member registration begins on January 19 and registration opens for the general public on February 2. Once our team has reviewed your registration, you will receive an automated registration email within 2 business days from If you do not, please call us.   

I think I signed my child up for camp but I don’t have a confirmation email. What should I do?

First, check your junk mail folder for an email from As our confirmation emails are automated, they often get flagged as spam. If you still don’t see a confirmation email, please reach out to us directly at or 802.253.8358, and we’ll figure out what’s going on.

I’m a member of The Current. How do I get my early access to camp sign-ups?

When member registration begins on January 19, you will be emailed a code allowing you to access early registration. This code will unlock the area of the website hosting summer camp registration. If you have not received the code, please call 802.253.8358. 

I’d like to become a member in order to access summer camp early sign-up. Can I do that?

Absolutely! You can sign up online by clicking here. 

Please note: In order to use the member benefits for anyone other than yourself, you must become a member at the Family level or higher. Additionally, if you become a member after January 19, 2024, you will not automatically receive the member passcode for summer camp early registration. Please reach out to us directly to get your members' code.


My child falls just outside of the age range for a camp they’d like to take. Can I still sign them up?

Our camp age bands overlap to allow campers and their families to choose the best fit for them. Some campers thrive when placed in a camp for older learners where they can challenge themselves, while others are more comfortable with campers their own age or younger. If you have a question about whether a specific camp is a good fit for your camper, please contact us directly so that we can help you make an informed decision. 


Please note: If a camper is more than one year outside the age range for their desired camp, their registration is subject to instructor approval. Our Teaching Artists are experienced and dedicated educators who have a clear understanding of the age-appropriateness of their camps. If they feel that adding a child far outside of the age range would limit their ability to provide high-quality art instruction, they may decline that child’s registration.


I’m on the waiting list for a camp. What happens next?

It is free to join the waiting list for a camp - no deposit is required. If space becomes available in your desired camp we will contact everyone on the waiting list in the order that they joined. Once we’ve contacted you, you’ll have 48 hours to confirm your spot and pay your selected sliding-scale tuition. If we don’t hear from you, we will move on to the next person on the list. 

2. Before and After Care

The Current is pleased to offer affordable Before Care and After Care options for our Summer Camps.


Before Care is offered 30 minutes before the start of the camp day (8:00-8:30am) and is charged at a $5 flat fee per day. Before Care is available every morning and must be purchased as a week-long block.


After Care is offered for 60 minutes following the camp day (3-4pm) and is charged at a $10 flat fee per day. After Care is unavailable on Fridays as our pick-up schedule is adjusted to accommodate the end-of-week art show for families and friends from 2:45-3:00. After Care must be purchased as a week-long block. 


Important Policies:

  • We do not accommodate day-by-day sign-ups. Parents must sign their child up for the full week of camp at least 48 hours prior to the start of the camp’s first day.

  • Parents/guardians who are more than 15 minutes early for Before Care or more than 15 minutes late picking up after After Care will be charged for a full additional hour of care at the rate of $10 per hour. 

  • The Current reserves the right to exercise discretion regarding additional charges when presented with extenuating circumstances.

3. Camp Schedules and What to Expect

What does a day at camp look like?

Pre-K Half-Day Camp Schedule

Pre-K Check-in and Check-out

In order to ensure a smooth and stress-free start to the camp day, Pre-K campers will check in directly to their classroom. Please walk your child up the back staircase of The Current’s building and into the main classroom directly through the double doors. Staff will be there to greet you and ease your camper into morning activities.


Pre-K check-out typically occurs under the tent at the back of The Current building. Please speak directly to the staff member at the check-out table and let them know your name and the name of your child. Please remember to list all adults who may pick your child up on their Liability Form and notify The Current about any changes to your child’s dismissal plan.

Elementary & Middle School Full-Day Camp Schedule

Elementary & Middle School Check-in and Check-out

In the morning: 

Please walk your child up to the tent and check them in directly with the staff member at the table. Your child will then be welcomed by staff and shown where to leave their belongings and what activities are available to them. We understand that saying goodbye in the morning can be challenging for campers of all ages and are committed to creating a warm and supportive environment to help campers find their footing. 


In the afternoon:

Like check-in, check-out typically occurs under the tent at the back of The Current building. Please speak directly to the staff member at the Checkout table and let them know your name and the name of your child. Please remember to list all adults who may pick your child up on their Liability Form and notify The Current about any changes to your child’s dismissal plan. 

Please note: Every Friday, we invite all friends and family to join us in celebrating the art made during the week. The End of Week Art Show takes place in the last 15 minutes of camp on Friday (2:45-3:00), and we check campers out at the back door to The Current as they leave rather than at the red tent.

Teen Afternoon Camp Schedule

Teen Check-in and Check-out

Teen Workshop Students will meet in The Current’s Art Lounge for the start and finish of each class. Guardians should walk their teen up to the gallery and speak directly to the staff by the entrance. Unless an alternate plan is specified by guardians ahead of time, students will wait for their guardian in the gallery at the end of class.


If you would like your teen to be able to sign themselves in and out of camp independently, please note this on their liability waiver. 

Please note: This option is only available to campers aged 12 and up.

4. Logistics (what to bring, where to park)

What does my camper need to bring to camp?


Please send your camper with the following items daily:


  • Sunscreen already applied with more in their bag if they can apply it themselves.

  • A sunhat

  • Lunch/Snack that they can open on their own. Please send only nut-free food items as we often have a student or two in camp who has a nut allergy.

  • Rain jacket and an extra layer

  • Closed toed shoes appropriate for hiking and outdoor games

  • Full water bottle

  • Swimsuit and towel for river exploration

  • A change of clothes

  • Water shoes for river exploration


You will receive a copy of this list in an email, along with additional information about your child’s camp two weeks prior to the start date.

Do you allow personal electronic devices at camp?

We ask all staff and campers to keep phones away during camp and prefer that campers come without phones if possible. However, we understand that there are a range of health and safety reasons why you might choose to send a phone with your camper. If your camper must bring their own phone, it needs to be stored in their backpack for the duration of the camp day. 

Does The Current provide transportation to and from camps?

At this time we are unable to offer transportation to and from our camps. However, we do send out a carpooling survey to all families and are more than happy to facilitate carpool connections. 


Where can I park for pick-up and drop-off?

Parking is available in the Stowe Elementary School Parking Lot, directly behind The Current’s building. Additional parking can be found in front of The Current, by the Historical Society, and along School St. Please see section 3 (Camp Schedules & What to Expect) for details regarding check-in and check-out procedures per age group.

5. Staff & Teacher Information

What’s the child to staff ratio at camps?

We believe wholly that small group instruction provides opportunities for relationship-building, mentoring, stronger peer-to-peer and peer-to-teacher connections, and increased success for all camp and class participants. Our camp and class sizes reflect this conviction and are based on best practices outlined by the State of Vermont for Child Care and Afterschool Centers.


 In our Pre-K Camps we cap the group size at ten and ensure that the Teaching Artist leading the camp has an experienced assistant in the classroom with them at all times. 


For Campers aged five and up we cap the group size at thirteen and ensure that the Teaching artist leading the camp has support from volunteers and classroom assistants as often as possible. 


Please note: All camps utilizing our ceramic or glass studios have a maximum group size of ten in order to ensure that all campers have sufficient access to equipment, materials, and one-on-one instruction.

How old are Teaching Artists, and what is their training/background?

A key factor that sets our camp apart is the presence of our professional Teaching Artists. This exceptional team of educators brings extensive experience in both education and art creation to their positions. Each camp group is overseen by a Teaching Artist with support from a college intern, guaranteeing a combination of excellent instruction and a favorable child-to-staff ratio.


All of our Teaching Artists have 2+ years of work experience as a teaching artist or art teacher, including formulating lesson plans as well as professional knowledge and skill in the medium they are teaching. Teaching staff work closely with the Education Team to integrate art history and STEAM content into camp and class plans, develop strong relationships with campers and families in our community, and cultivate a supportive and collaborative environment at camp.


Full bios of all Teaching Artists and Staff instructors can be found here.


Do you run background checks on Teaching Artists and staff?

Yes. All staff, Teaching Artists, and volunteers over the age of fifteen are required to pass a background check before they are cleared to work with children. Additionally, as many of our Teaching Artists hold positions in local schools, they are subject to the rigorous background check and fingerprinting procedure required by the state of Vermont.

Who are the youth volunteers?

Each year we are fortunate to have many middle and high school students volunteer as classroom helpers for our Summer Camp Program. Our volunteers are phenomenal and make our camps better each year by providing organizational support to Teaching Artists, acting as peer role models, leading group games, and more. 


While these volunteers are an integral part of our Summer Camp Team, they are also minors under our care. As such they are subject to the same behavior policies and rules of conduct as campers. Youth volunteers will never be left alone with a child or group of children, are not enforcers of rules or behaviors, and do not count in staff to child ratios. Youth volunteers and junior interns are part of our Mentorship Program and participate in camp with the collective understanding that they are here to learn and build their skills in a structured, supervised setting. All youth volunteers sign contracts confirming their understanding of their role and we take time before the start of camps to work with both youth volunteers and Teaching Artists to ensure that both parties are aware of their roles in the camp setting.


If your teen/tween is interested in volunteering with us this summer please contact us directly.

6. Health & Safety

Do I need to fill out any health forms when I register my child for camp?

Yes. If we do not have a recent liability and health form on file for your camper, you will receive a request to complete one online two weeks prior to the start of camp.   If you do not receive this request, please contact us.  Your camper will not be able to participate in camp until their liability waiver is complete.

What’s your supervision policy? 

We adhere to the guidelines established by the state of Vermont’s Child Care Licensing Regulations which states that all children must be assigned to a staff person who is directly responsible for them and who is able to hear and see the children under their care at all times. 

Additionally, all staff and campers adhere to the “Rule of Threes” which states that all groupings must be either two or more campers or two or more staff members. If a one-on-one situation is unavoidable it must happen out in the open, in full view of other staff and campers. 

Do you require campers to be vaccinated?

We do not mandate vaccinations for our camp. We have confidence that parents/guardians will make informed decisions for their children and will inform us of any relevant concerns while completing the liability form.


What’s your masking policy?

We respect the right of every individual to make their own choice regarding masking and ask that all participants in our programs do the same. If you or your camper has access needs related to masking or an immunocompromised condition, please contact us directly, and we can arrange suitable accommodations. 


What’s your behavioral policy?

Our behavioral policy can be found here.

When/how do you file reports about serious incidents?

An incident is defined as any accidental injury requiring more first aid than a band-aid, any physical altercation between two students, or any period of 10 minutes or more in which a child is unaccounted for.

If an incident occurs the staff member present immediately radios for assistance and we go through the following process:

  • Immediately: One staff member cares for any injuries while the other does a headcount and ensures that all children are accounted for.

  • Then: Staff address the situation briefly with the whole group and take steps to get students refocused on the planned activity. 

  • Next: If the incident is an altercation between two students, staff work with both parties to regulate emotions, discuss what happens, and engage in restorative dialogue guided by an instructor. The purpose of this conversation is to address the harm that has been done and collaboratively repair any damage that has been done to relationships, people, or property. 

  • As soon as it is possible to do so, the Education Manager works with the staff member who was present to fill out an incident report. Then the Education Manager calls the parents of the children involved and briefs them on the situation and any next steps.

Are all your camps nut-free?

Yes. To ensure accessibility across the board we keep all our camps nut-free. If you send your camper with a lunch or snack item containing nuts it will be disposed of, unopened, and an alternative snack for your child will be provided. 

What’s your toileting policy/procedure for Pre-K camps?

We require all students enrolling in our Pre-K Camps to be potty trained. As a small organization we have neither the staff, nor the space to support campers who are not yet at that stage of development. 

However, we understand that there may still be times when our youngest campers may need help toileting. Whenever possible we support students to go independently while an instructor or staff member waits outside with the door open just a crack. Our main bathroom has a stool to help our youngest campers reach the sink and toilet. Staff will only enter the bathroom if specifically requested to do so by the child or if they are unable to get a verbal response from the child in question after three attempts at communication. 


If a camper requests help toileting, the staff member closest will ask a second adult to stand near the bathroom door which will remain ajar. The first staffer will then help the camper, wash their hands with them, and head back to the group. As our classrooms are open concept and our staff to student ratios are small, there will always be a second adult on hand to ensure privacy and safety for campers using the bathroom.

Do you ever go on field trips during the camp day?

We are fortunate to have access to a wide range of natural resources within walking distance of The Current. Camps for children aged 5 and up often visit trails and walking paths around town as a part of their daily activities. Our Pre-K campers always stay within the boundaries of The Current and Stowe Free Library campus. 


Ensuring that every camper, regardless of their mobility level, can engage fully in all camp activities is our priority. If your child may face challenges due to prolonged walking, kindly inform us in advance so that we can arrange suitable accommodations.

What’s the swimming/waterplay policy?

As we do not hire registered lifeguards for camp we do not take campers swimming. Camps for children aged 5 and up may visit the Little River along the Stowe Rec Path for wading, water exploration, and outside art-making. When safe, we allow campers to wade up to their knees in the river. If a camper would like to sit at a shallow depth we allow them to do so as long as their head and shoulders remain above water at all times. Additionally, we require campers to keep their shoes on while in the water. For this reason, we list water shoes, swim-suits, and towels on our camp packing list. 

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