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Free Digital Guide 



Explore The Current with our digital guide on Bloomberg Connects, the free arts and culture app. Our guide takes you behind the scenes  with exclusive multimedia perspectives from artists, curators, and more. Use the app to plan your visit, then easily access helpful insights on-site. Afterward, dive deeper into your favorite works at home–or anywhere, anytime!

Download our free digital guide to your smartphone or tablet.

Our Bloomberg Connects guide features:



Current exhibitions come to life through perspectives from artists, curators, and more. You can also revisit Past Exhibitions, view our upcoming Public Programs, and learn more about our Vision and Mission.


The works in our current exhibitions are designated in their respective locations on the interactive map included in the Bloomberg Connects guide. When you click on a pinned item on the map,  more details and fascinating insights specific to that item are displayed allowing for a richer and more engaging experience during your visit to our galleries. 


Learn more about our experiential learning opportunities for all ages and levels at The Current


In addition to The Current, Bloomberg Connects lets you explore museums, galleries, sculpture parks, gardens, and cultural spaces around the world, all with one free download from the App Store or Google Play.

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