Art Lounge

A public space for contemplation, research, education, and relaxation within the galleries.
It includes a coffee bar, work stations, free wifi, lounge area, a gift shop, and an art library.


It features interpretive materials such as bios, resumes, articles, books, and videos about the current exhibiting artists and the concept of the exhibition.


Crystal Stokes is an award winning artist from Central Vermont whose focus is primarily on the observation of faces. With the use of light and dark acrylic paint, Crystal looks to capture moments that may otherwise go unnoticed. Her work expresses these moments with the help of her artistic interpretation and her broad scope of life experience. With each new piece, Crystal continues to investigate the raw beauty of the world around her. Crystal has previously worked with the Vermont symphony orchestra, the alchemist brewery in Stowe Vermont, and has displayed her work in several venues, gallery’s, and group shows throughout New England. For more information about crystals work you can follow her on her Instagram account @crystalstokesart or

Collection statement:

With the help of my close family members, I created this collection titled “Pieces of You.” I am often asked who the subjects in my paintings are, my response is usually a story about the person and what they mean to me. In return, the observer will say the painting reminds them of someone they know. This conversation inspired the collection as well as the title of the show. Whether it be how someone smiles, their personality, or a facial feature, if we pay attention we can often find similar traits within one another. The paintings are specifically painted in black and white acrylic paint on canvas. The negative space surrounding each portrait provides a depth that looks to invite you in while simultaneously leaving more to the imagination. Each piece is a portrait of one of my close family members who I consider to be a piece of me. I hope within each piece, you find a connection that resonates with a piece of you.”

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