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2021-2026 Strategic Plan


Serve as a platform and catalyst for conversation, inspiration, and civic engagement through contemporary art. 

  • Challenge our audience to broaden their understanding of contemporary art. 

  • Advance artistic literacy with high quality, progressive, exhibitions and educational programs. 

  • Present relevant contemporary art exhibits that amplify dialogue around critical global issues and their impact. 

  • Provide more opportunities for our audiences to engage with issues of global significance and demonstrate their impact. 

  • Ensure accessibility to quality arts experiences and educational opportunities for all people regardless of age, class, race, gender, religion, ability, and geography including underserved and disadvantaged rural communities. 

  • Strategically partner with like minded organizations that are committed to addressing issues of social justice, inclusivity, and equity through action and informed discourse. 

  • Increase our audience’s understanding of the climate crisis and its impacts through public programs, education, and exhibitions in order to inform internal policies and inspire civic action.


Strengthen and support the brand to promote an audience driven, regionally relevant, and nationally recognized organization. 

  • Reinforce and strengthen the Art Center brand with clear, targeted guidance on application and messaging. 

  • Kick off a reimagined marketing strategy to more robustly promote the Art Center brand.

  • Realize the Art Center’s potential as a people-centered organization to attract new and diverse audiences. 

  • Promote the Art Center as a destination for contemporary art excellence in New England through expanded partnerships.


Expand artistic literacy and accessibility through capital improvements. 

  • Launch a special campaign and raise funds to realize projects and ensure programmatic stability and long term success. 

  • Complete the design and approval process. 

  • Break ground on new education facilities and gallery upgrades. 

  • Align internal structure to support opening of new facilities. 

  • Open new facilities with marketing, promotion, and celebratory events.  

  • ​Actively listen to the needs of our audience to develop relevant, accessible, and engaging opportunities and expand offerings to meet these needs. 


Improve financial stability to ensure the Art Center continues to be a contemporary arts resource for future audiences. 

  • Continue to develop a structured financial foundation for the organization. 

  • Develop relationships with collecting corporations and individuals to increase art sales. 

  • Create a more sustainable financial model. 

  • Begin endowment campaign of $1.5 - 2 million to complete within 5 years. 

  • Standardize Board governance, fundraising, and leadership.


Invest in the excellence of our staff and improve internal operations in order to foster a more accessible, diverse, and respectful work culture.  

  • Recognize the importance of staff and attract high quality, diverse candidates by providing attractive salaries, benefits, and professional development opportunities.  

  • Budget time and resources to allow staff more opportunities for planning, creativity, and exploration.  

  • Update procedures, plans, and policies to ensure best practices and long term stability.

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