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Tuition Assistance + Scholarships

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Sliding Scale

The economic concept of sliding scale is that people pay as they are able for classes, workshops, and camps.

Those with access to more resources pay more and thus provide the support for those with less access to pay less, creating a sustainable economic model for accessible classes and workshops. The sliding scale enables families to pay as they are able or pay it forward to benefit another family.


Feel free to call with questions or additional financial support. 802-253-8358


Shannon Palmer Digital Camp Scholarship

The family of Shannon Palmer would like to recognize and award a student interested in the digital arts, of which Shannon left an indelible mark at The Current, helping to design programming and define who we are through digital design.


This full scholarship is awarded to one student annually for a digital arts summer camp. The application will be available on our website in February. The submission deadline is in March, and the winner is announced in April.

To apply, please complete our online form.  For more information, please contact us at 802-253-8358. 

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It is part of our mission to be accessible to everyone. We never want finances to be a burden. Therefore, we are committed to offering further need-based full or partial scholarships. To apply, please complete our online form or contact our office administrator for assistance: or call (802) 253-8358.

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