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Currently Speaking: Overlooked Women in Art – A Lecture Celebrating Forgotten Female Artists

August 15, 2024


2 images side-by-side. The left image is a blurred photo of a waterfall by Catherine Opie. The 2nd is a closeup of a woman with long dark blonde hair smiling and looking directly at the camera with greenery in the background.

Presented by London curator Carrie Scott

Interested in understanding the historical context and challenges faced by women in the art world? Join us for an enlightening lecture dedicated to illuminating female artists' often-forgotten and underappreciated contributions throughout history. Together we will explore the historical neglect of female artists, who have been overlooked and marginalized in the art world, and the current efforts to re-evaluate and celebrate women's contributions to art.

About Currently Speaking:

The Currently Speaking series hosts experts in various contemporary art genres and media to encourage casual discourse and meaningful interactions between our community, speakers, and the art they showcase. Artists in this exhibition use the metaphor of a garden to address climate change, decolonization, feminism, societal tensions, and our endangered environment by presenting work on the topic.

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