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Film Series presented by Stowe Story Labs

May 12, 2022


2 images side-by-side. The left image is a blurred photo of a waterfall by Catherine Opie. The 2nd is a closeup of a woman with long dark blonde hair smiling and looking directly at the camera with greenery in the background.

Stowe Story Labs and The Current have partnered to offer a film series to showcase the breadth of art house cinema. Our first screening will be a free showing of Jean Renoir’s "The Rules of the Game" (1939).

This classic of French cinema is about a group of friends who travel to a chateau in the French countryside and become entangled in a web of love affairs. Renoir balances lighthearted comedy, wonderful performances, and engaging rhythm with insightful ideas about the complexity of human interactions in this film that remains relevant as ever.

Before the screening, there will be brief opening note given by Stowe’s Robert Delany. Robert is the Programming Coordinator for Stowe Story Labs. He is as well a Cinema Programming Coordinator for ArtsQuest, a non-profit in Bethlehem, PA, and a contributor for the independent film and music publication, Split Tooth Media. Robert graduated in 2020 with a M.A. in Cinema Studies from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. In 2018, he received a B.S. in Film and Television from Boston University. After the screening, we will open things up for a guided discussion so you can share your experience and reception in a supportive environment.

In June, Stowe Story Labs will launch the 1st Annual Vermont Film and Music Festival, and we will continue this series in the summer.

Stowe Story Labs is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit based in Stowe, which offers labs, retreats, writing programs, and mentoring programs to top emerging screenwriters, filmmakers, and creative producers from around the world. To learn about Stowe’s programs, visit their website.

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