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September 21 - November 25, 2012

Opening Reception: September 21, 5-7pm

Swamp surrounded by ferns and trees

This exhibition is both political and humanizing in its approach to the subject of human migration.

Through the perspective of international and national artists and writers, Migration addresses topics of immigration, emigration, migrant workers, New Americans (refugees), and visa holders. These personal narratives describe physical and cultural dislocation and assimilation, the act of moving, and migration's socio-political complexities through contemporary and historical lenses. Public programing focuses on Vermont. Local organizations, students, and residents will be part of film screenings, discussions, workshops, and readings of personal histories. This exhibition pulls together internationally renowned artists from Switzerland, Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, and across the United States.


Chantal Akerman, courtesy of Peter Blum Gallery, NYC 

Judith Quax 

Yu-Wen Wu 

Adrian Paci 

Hung Lui 

Esperanza Cabrera 

Ira Eduardovna


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