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Tara Thacker

August 12 - September 4, 2016

Opening Reception: August 12, 6-8pm

Swamp surrounded by ferns and trees

Tara Thacker, VT based artist, will exhibit her gorgeous installations, comprised of hundreds of small ceramic parts. New large scale photographs, made from the shadows of her sculptures, will accompany the installations.

Thacker's sculptures are abstractions, referencing natural forms, utilitarian tools, fishing baskets and traps. The central theme is linearity. Similar to the way a line can mark the surface of a drawing. It is fluid, elegant and simplistic. Highly tactile and monochromatic, repetition is central to the process. The works begin with a single element, which serve as architectural building blocks, which are then combined in various ways to discover how they interact visually. Thousands of porcelain parts are tied and woven together to create ambiguous surfaces and landscapes.


Tara Thacker


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