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September 20 - October 20, 2013

Opening Reception: September 20, 5-7pm

Swamp surrounded by ferns and trees

The artist is more and more a global citizen, creating and exhibiting within a larger geographic framework. As communication, distance and geographic gaps appear to collapse into increasing accessibility, we learn more about the lives of others and where they place themselves. Juxtaposed with Puente the international Cuban exhibition in Helen Day Art Center's Main and West Galleries there fills the East Gallery with a local perspective of place. 

Adam DeVarney, Andrew Fish, Kelly Holt, Lindsay Florence, and Janet Fredericks, all of whom live in or have lived in Vermont, present work based on their respective locations. The paintings and drawings in this exhibition create stories of location. Personal narratives weave their way through subjects of people and place, both here in Vermont and elsewhere. Vermont artist Janet Fredericks* displays a handful of her over 200 travel journals from places such as Iran, Nepal, and India. Each carefully capture detailed, intimate moments and fleeting experiences with people and place through watercolor, pen, and pencil. Andrew Fish creates large, vibrant paintings of people and landscape, some translated through old family photographs and others inspired by new image-making technology. Kelly Holt's abstracted trees in white are like windows looking out, surrounding the viewer with woods. Holt's self portraits place her within built and natural environments using photography and collage. A large painting of a man in front of an old gas station by Lindsay Florence is compositionally charged and compelling. Adam DeVarney's illustrative painting and collage of an abandoned building, with roads, mountains, and diagrams feels both inspiring as a journey and haunting of something past. Together, this collection of work presents stories of people and place from artists of this area.


Adam DeVarney

Andrew Fish 

Kelly Holt 

Lindsay Florence 

Janet Fredericks*


Xpress Print & Copy

Stowe Reporter

Vermont Arts Council

The National Endowment for the Arts

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