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Seizing the Future

What a tumultuous year! Thank goodness art lovers are a highly adaptable species. 


Looking back, I’m grateful for all you made possible—grateful for your generosity, engagement, and encouragement. We worked tirelessly to stretch every dollar and expand every heart in this community. This spring we responded to the public health crisis with free online programs, sliding-scale fees for art classes, 116 free art kits distributed through Stowe’s free public school lunch program, and the awarding of over $15,000 in scholarships. 


Looking ahead, we listened to you. To broaden an understanding of the world and what it means to be human, you urged us to keep using art education and curating the highest quality contemporary exhibitions. You said it’s imperative to amplify the voices of the underrepresented and underserved communities. Engage us, you said, in exploring issues of racial and social justice. 


Together, we can secure our future. This calls for a new strategy built on heightened resilience and accessibility; ongoing racial justice training for staff and board members; and a transformation plan we call Seizing the Future, designed to expand in-house art creation and enhance the exhibition experience - all of which we’ve been busy working on.


Now we’re asking you to show your heart for art one more time. Please give as generously as you’re
able to support Seizing the Future.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.


With warm wishes and great gratitude, 

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The Current... "is an important outpost for creative experimentation and artistic engagement with contemporary issues in Vermont. Its commitment to connecting artists and audiences in its rural New England community with a diverse array of contemporary practitioners from around the country supports dialogue and exchange around shared issues, struggles and creative solutions, which is more important now than ever before.”

— Rachel Bers, Warhol Foundation Program Director
    The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Seizing the Future:
The Current

Special Project Campaign

Special Campaign Goal

    $175K  left to go!       


What we’re planning and what it costs:

New Ceramic Classroom: $215,000

• Construction of a new classroom, kiln room, storage 

• 2 Kilns

• 10 Pottery wheels

• Glazing Area

• Hand building table

• Slab roller 

• Storage for student and artist work

• Classes and studio rental

• Program Support


Art Lab:  $135,000

• 2 Printmaking Presses                           

• Laser cutter

• Materials & equipment

• Program Support

• Stained and fused glass studio

Gallery Lighting:  $125,000

• Better illumination for increased accessibility

• Replacing a failing system 

• Environmentally sustainable LED lights 

• Museum-quality lighting that will be kinder to sensitive artwork

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