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Bursting at the seams,
but the band plays on.

2023 Annual Appeal

In 2021 the Stowe Elementary band—they’re all fifth graders—ran out of practice space at the school during Covid due to physical distancing. That could have ended band till the kids went on to Middle School. But since The Current is right next door, the band director said “Could you possibly...?” And we immediately said YES.

 A temporary arrangement became a new partnership when the elementary school expanded its pre-school. So three mornings a week, I’m here at 7:30 with band director Andy Gagnon and his 45 instrumentalists.  I love to hear the kids playing, I love listening for their progress, I love having the place packed with people and used to its fullest potential.

 We were already bursting at the seams. New people and programs dictated making our conference room a classroom. Offices are squeezed into the corners of other classrooms. To store the band’s instruments, we had no option except the upstairs back lobby. Hardly ideal.

Here’s what we’re asking of you during our 2023 Annual Appeal. Not just the money needed to keep bringing outstanding contemporary art to The Current. But this year, additional money for a small capital improvement: $40,000 to add more space. 

Our goal is raising $180,000. Like last year, past and present board members will double the community’s contributions up to $60,000.

The Current is more than an internationally-recognized contemporary art center. We’re also a community center.

And we don’t ever, ever want to say “no” to a need.


Art loves music. Art loves the flowering of all human potential.  

Please share the vision with your contribution. And let the band play on.

With affection and gratitude,


your impact.

Help us make more space + keep our doors open.

For 2023, past and present board members have generously pledged to match up to $60,000 in donations, made by you, dollar for dollar. 

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Rachel Moore, Executive Director

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