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Currently Speaking: Gardening out of Context

April 4, 2024


2 images side-by-side. The left image is a blurred photo of a waterfall by Catherine Opie. The 2nd is a closeup of a woman with long dark blonde hair smiling and looking directly at the camera with greenery in the background.

Image courtesy of Curtis Wallen

Designing, installing, and maintaining a garden when the old rules don't apply, presented by Gavin Boyce-Ratliff, GBR Landscape Design.

Join Certified Horticulturist Gavin Boyce-Ratliff for part 1 of a 2-part series (part 2 a spring outdoor planting as part of Exposed 2024) looking at the confluence of naturalistic garden design and the New England vernacular. Gavin will explore ecologically-driven design considerations, the importance of thoughtful site analysis, and management practices that help create meaningful landscapes in our changing climate.

The Currently Speaking series hosts experts in various contemporary art genres and media to encourage casual discourse and meaningful interactions between our community, speakers, and the art they showcase. Artists in this exhibition use the metaphor of a garden to address climate change, decolonization, feminism, societal tensions, and our endangered environment by presenting work on the topic.

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