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The goal of every artist is to communicate, with their art, a message too complex for words alone. In this final installment of our Art on the Porch Summer Series, The Current invites you to join us in creating zines and collages, honoring both the legacy of the cooperatively owned Robert Blackburn Printshop and the assemblage techniques of Chakiah Booker. 


Created by anyone, about any subject, zines are self-published magazines devoted to the sharing of information, passion, stories, and art. Featured prominently in counterculture movements throughout the 20th century, this proletariat art form has seen a resurgence in recent years and represents a truly egalitarian method of communication. Share your stories with us and join us in creating one-of-a-kind publications!


What is a sliding scale?


Art on the Porch: Zines and Collage

  • Saturday, August 17


    Pre-registration 24-hours in advance is recommended. For same-day registration, please see the attendant in the gallery.


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