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Perfect for new and returning ceramicists alike, this hybrid class will combine the creation of sculptural and functional ceramics to create unique, artistic vessels. Through tactile exploration, students will learn how to create ceramic items such as bowls, plates, and mugs using slump molds, incised geometric designs, and textured finishes. In addition, they will learn the technique of painting with slip and underglaze to create vibrant and one-of-a-kind ceramic art. As they build and experiment with clay, participants in this class will study the vibrant history of Zapotec artwork from ancient to modern times. Looking at the traditional patterns and motifs of Zapotec pottery as well as the work of contemporary masters such as Angelica Valaquez and Dolores Porras, students will learn how to sculpt animal forms, create botanical decorations, and add faces and figures to their vessels.


What is a sliding scale?


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Slabs and Slump Molds

  • Thursdays,  January 11 - February 15


    6 Classes

    Makeup week in case of canceled classes: 2/19-2/22


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