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The Garden of Yoga is a therapeutic practical envisioning and enacting of personal and cosmic wholeness. Nature is our true home and what we are. Nature is not some distant non-living place to dominate. Nature is connection, nourishment, cycles of time, the blending and interacting of form: entering the Garden is medicine.


In this yoga class, as we explore the terrain of our inner garden - within the garden of the gallery - we can play at who and what we are: organisms watering, composting, warming and cooling, flowering and feeding. We can play at the edges of our ego and feel a revised narrative emerge - muscles are stretched and rebuild stronger, minds shed stress and excess emotion, spirit opens to receptivity: we are Nature of the Garden. Through mindful movement, short guided meditation and deepened breath we will establish ourselves as integral energy of the garden.


Right here, in The Current’s gallery, surrounded by contemporary artist’s visions we too practice,
creatively, in the ancient methods of Yoga healing.


The Garden of Yoga

  • Thursdays from 8:30-9:30am

    5 classes:

    Feb 8
    Feb 15
    March 7 
    March 14
    March 21
  • Jacquie Mauer

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