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James Peterson: Artist in Residence

December 2017 - September 2018

Swamp surrounded by ferns and trees

James Peterson has been selected as the artist for the third year of the solo, site-specific Artist-in-Residence Project on the grounds of Spruce Peak at Stowe in Stowe, VT.

Spruce Peak at Stowe is visionary in its concept of art integrated into the landscape of the mountain and its desire to share this artistic experience with the ski resort community. They are partnering with Helen Day Art Center, the leading contemporary non-profit Art Center in the area, to realize this project. 

The Dreamcatcher is a portal to an intimate and intense colorful experience. This artwork is an evolutionary piece comprised of elements from Peterson's previous sculptures. At the center is the point of interaction. Within these push buttons, an array of different light programs are possible, furthering the experience through collaboration. The textured walls of the tunnel component act as a parabolic reflection surface for the colors emitted from the center form. "The act of meeting and connecting around something as intimate as a fire in a cave was what I was seeking to harness. I have memories of meeting amazing souls in the flicker of that light, and often reflect on how we have lost our way to meet new people in this digital age. This exploration of connection with the art and each other is a subject I keep returning to. Aspiring to create a space where we can discover ourselves and each other." 

—James Peterson on Dreamcatcher


James Peterson


Spruce Peak

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