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W. David Powell & Peter Thomashow

January 16 - February 22, 2015

Opening Reception: January 16, 5-7pm

Swamp surrounded by ferns and trees

W. David Powell and Peter Thomashow present a two-person exhibition of 2-D and 3D assemblage and collage. The work pulls from themes of play, science, and history.

W. David Powell is a prolific artist that produces mostly two-dimensional collage work, both by hand and digitally. The work represented in this exhibition combines old photographs or images from antique books with hand-painted or drawn details to re-create portraits and landscapes. Along with a number of collages, there are three gorgeous and rare sculptures exhibited entitled, Birds Under Observation. 

Peter Thomashow is a physician, artist, and collector. His body of work is diverse and questions numerous themes including optical exploration, magnetism, childhood play, and the story of Professor Wolfson and the professor's interest in the anatomical and physiological field continuum. The work is truly exploratory and playful, joining both the collector's obsessions with the psychiatrist's inquisitiveness analysis. Thomashow and Powell's exhibition follows the theme of Play, the exhibition in our Main Galleries.


W. David Powell & Peter Thomashow


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