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Dive into the fascinating intersection of art and science, with a special focus on amphibians! Throughout this week-long adventure, participants will embark on an exciting journey into the captivating worlds of both art and biology. From creating vibrant amphibian-inspired artworks to engaging in hands-on scientific activities related to these incredible creatures, campers will discover the interconnectedness of creativity and scientific exploration. Led by a knowledgeable Teaching Artist, the "Amphibian Amble" camp aims to spark curiosity, promote environmental awareness, and nurture artistic expression. Join us for a week filled with painting, sculpture, scientific discoveries, and outdoor exploration!


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Member Discount: Use your 2024 discount code at checkout to receive $25 off registration. The $25 Member Discount may be used once per year per membership. For Individual-level memberships, the discount may only be used towards the cost of tuition for the adult membership holder. For Family-level memberships and above, the discount may be used once per year towards tuition for one member of the household holding the membership.

Art and Science: Amphibian Amble

  • July 22-26


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