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Welcome to "Creature Creation," a whimsical pre-K camp where the imaginations of our youngest artists take center stage! In this enchanting week-long adventure, young minds will embark on a journey of creative exploration, bringing fantastical creatures to life through a variety of hands-on activities. From fluffy monsters to rainbow-colored animals, campers will delight in crafting their very own imaginary friends using a mix of colorful materials and their boundless imagination. Guided by an experienced Teaching Artist, "Creature Creation" fosters fine motor skills, self-expression, and a sense of joy in the process of artistic discovery. Join us for a magical week of laughter, friendship, and the sheer delight of watching each little one's imagination come alive in the enchanting world of "Creature Creation"!

Please note: We require all students enrolling in our Pre-K Camps to be potty trained. As a small organization, we have neither the staff nor the space to support campers who are not yet at that stage of development.


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Member Discount: Use your 2024 discount code at checkout to receive $25 off registration. The $25 Member Discount may be used once per year per membership. For Individual-level memberships, the discount may only be used towards the cost of tuition for the adult membership holder. For Family-level memberships and above, the discount may be used once per year towards tuition for one member of the household holding the membership.

Creature Creation (Half-day Camp)

  • August 5-9


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