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Step into the colorful world of Pop Art and embark on a vibrant journey that merges the worlds of painting and printmaking! This creative haven invites participants to explore the diverse avenues of artistic expression, from brush strokes on canvas to the careful carving of linoleum. Using artists such as Keith Haring and Corita Kent as inspiration, campers will experiment with various painting techniques, learn the art of mixing colors, and delve into printmaking processes such as linocut and monoprinting. Join us for a camp filled with bright colors, bold ideas, and exciting creations!


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Member Discount: Use your 2024 discount code at checkout to receive $25 off registration. The $25 Member Discount may be used once per year per membership. For Individual-level memberships, the discount may only be used towards the cost of tuition for the adult membership holder. For Family-level memberships and above, the discount may be used once per year towards tuition for one member of the household holding the membership.

Pop Art, Painting and Printing

  • August 12-16


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